Prolathion 50 EC

Prolathion 50 EC

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Organic Phosphorous non systemic insecticide with contact, stomach, respiratory action.

Composition: Each liter Contains: Malathion 500 gm


Prolathion 50 EC: Non systemic organic phosphorous insecticide.

Prolathion 50 EC: Controls a wide range of insects in filed crops & fruit trees.

Prolathion 50 EC: Moderately toxic insecticides human & animals, toxic to bees & fish.

Prolathion 50 EC: Non phytotoxic to plants.


Crops Pests Application Rate/ 20 Liter Water Safety Period
Beans, Tomato, Eggplant Aphids, White Fly, Thrips, Scale Insects 30 cm³ 14 Days
Cherries, Apple, Grape Aphids, Fruit Fly, Grape Berry Moth 30 – 40 cm³ 14 Days
Corn Leaf Fly, Thrips 40 cm³ 14 Days
Ornamental Plants Aphids, Bugs, Thrips 25 – 35 cm³ 10 Days

Caution: Avoid the use of the pesticide on crops not listed above.

Re-Entry Period: 48 hours after the last application.

Compatibility: Compatible with most pesticides with the same formulations except alkaline compounds.

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