Promethrin 10 EC

Promethrin 10 EC

Emulsifiable Concentrate

A Pyrethroidal public health insecticide in the form liquid is subject to EC, and effects with Contact & Stomach action.

Composition: Each liter Contains: Cypermethrin 100 gm


Promethrin 10 EC: A high efficiency inside and outside the buildings in the fight against household insects, public health, such as the plane flies, mosquitoes, domestic and larvae of mosquitoes and sand flies and crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, moths and butterflies.


Pests Diluents Application Rate
Surface Treatment
House Fly Larvae, Mosquito, Flies Stables Water 5 Liter / 100 m²
Cockroaches, Ants Water 5 Liter / 100 m²
House Fly Larvae, Mosquito, Flies Stables Water / Diesel / Kerosene 300 ml / 3000 m³
Cockroaches Water / Diesel / Kerosene 500 ml / 10000 m²
Thermal Fogging
House Fly Larvae, Mosquito, Flies Stables Diesel / Kerosene

Liter / 3000 m³

10 Liter / 10000 m²

Cockroaches Diesel / Kerosene 10 Liter / 10000 m³


When you use the method of spray droplets and rough surface normal is as follows: Indoor spraying: Sprayed walls and piles of garbage and animal manure are breeding grounds of flies workshops places where the presence of insects like flies, mosquitoes, and the best times to spray when the activity Insects, collected at low and moderate temperatures in the morning or late afternoon or evening.

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