Feed Grade

COMPOSITION : Each 1 gm contains :

Calcium propionate   500 mg

Kaolin   500 mg


Mixing Of Ca-propionate with kaolin makes on covering the inner side of mural GIT, as kaolin is considered contractive material so helps to stop diarrhea.


- Protection from fungus diseases and their existence in poultry.

- Protection from toxins which exist in the digestive tract and discard it out of the body in large animals.

- It acts indirectly in improving the digestion in poultry.

- Protects the rations from fungus existence. Improving the action of immunity system.

DOSAGE: 1-2 kg per ton feed during the time of breeding.

STORAGE : In a dry, cool, and dark place between 15 - 25 °C.

PACKAGING: 500 gm , 1 kg.

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