Propendazole – 2.5

Propendazole – 2.5


Composition: Each 1 gram contains:

Albendazole  25 mg


Albendazole is the latest single does anthelmentic treatment against all internal worms. It is used in prevention and treatment of round, tape, lung worms, and liver flukes infestation as well as in cattle, sheep, and goats.

DOSAGE: The drug is given orally by gun according to the following:


Sheep & Goat


Liver Flukes


3 ml per 10 kg (B.W)

Up to 350 kg (B.W):
20 ml per 50 kg (B.W)
Over 350 kg (B.W)
25 ml per 50 kg (B.W)

Lung, Round and tape worms

2 ml per 10 kg (B.W)

14 ml per 50 kg (B.W)
7 ml per 1 kg


Meat for human consumption: 15 days.

Milk for human consumption: 5 days.


* Don't overdose.

* Don't treat animals during first month of pregnancy.

* Shake well before use.

STORAGE: In a dry, cool, and dark place between 15-25 C.

PACKAGING: bottles of , 1 kg.

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