Vitamins K3 – 12.5%

Vitamins K3 – 12.5%


Composition: Each 1 gram contains:

Menadions Sodium Bisulphite   125 mg


Used in the deficiency of Vitamin K3 which causes reduction in prothrombine content of blood, which prevents blood clotting in hemorreagic cases.


Vitamin K3 deficiency.

Hemorreagic diseases:(Gumbro).

Stress factors that require incraesing the requirement of Vitamin K3 (Dicumorol, Sulphaquuinoxaline ).

Coccccidiosis and other intestinal parasitic diseases.


POULTRY: 1 gm per 10 litters of drinking water for 4-5 days.

Large animals (Cows & Sheep) :

1 gm per 30 kg of body weight for 4 days.



Meat for human consumption should not be used during treatment and for 24 hours from the last treatment.

STORAGE: In a dry, cool, and dark place between 15-25 C.

PACKAGING: 100 gm, 1 kg.

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