Amprovam - 60

Amprovam - 60

soluble Powder

COMPOSITION : Each 1 gm contains :

Amprolium - HCL 600 mg


Amprovam - 60 has rapid results and effects in addition to the fact that it is easily used, and it can be used with other antibiotics, vitamins and minerals without any reservation.

The effect of Amprovam - 60 is observed during the third day of the parasite’s life; preventing it from obtaining thiamine which is necessary for its development and growth .


Amprovam - 60 is recommended for treatment of coccidiosis is caused by different types of Eimeria as E. Tenella E. Acervulina , E. Necatirx , E. Maxima and E. Burunetti whether the coccidia is cecal or intestinal.


Poultry : 1 gm per 2 litters of drinking water for 5-7 days. Large Animals (calves , Sheep’s , goats ) : 0.5 - 2 gm per head for 5 days .

SIDE EFFECTS : In case of along – term treatment with high doses, a deficiency of thiamine may occurs.

WITHDRAWAL TIME : Meat for human consumption should not be used during treatment and for 24 hours from the last dose .

STORAGE : In a dry, cool, and dark place between 15 - 25 °C.

PACKAGING: Aluminum Foil sachet of 100 gm, 1 kg.

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